Blogger to blogger in Crete

I had the great pleasure today to meet Jane of Jane’s Vrahassi and spent a good time talking with her, her husband David and George who is apparently known by some as ‘little legs.’ David is a great guy and we got on with him very well and swapped some stories and enjoyed their excellent source of red wine which is apparently delivered to them every week. How good can it get?

Here’s Jane.

George is fun too. We were discussing how many people there actually are who live in Crete at the moment. According to George it is over a million. I said no, that cannot be. I would say that it is six to seven hundred thousand at least. Jane, ever practical, went into her office and looked it up. Two years ago it was six hundred and thirty thousand. Fair enough!

But not good enough for George. He told us that with all the Albanians, Romanians, Bulgarians, English, Italian, French and whatever nationality that had been flooding into Crete this year, it is at least a million. Well people do come to the island to work, but they do not become residents we said. Another glass of wine with the associated toasts and other cordialities and the discussion continued. In fact it might have continued for ever. Who knows?

But back to Jane who has had her blog and its sister for some years now – by the way the other blog is Janes poetry and is linked to her site. Anyway there are very few bloggers in Crete and fewer in English and Jane is one of the best. She lives with her husband and her neighbour ex-partner but good friend George who is a shepherd from time to time as well as a local politician as well as various other things, but whatever it rolls on. Jane and David have been many years in Crete and their village is Vrahassi, the place that adopted them. Jane has put her British senses to work and has now produced a brochure called Anavlohos Walks and it is all in English, has lots of photos and information about the various walks that Jane does.There is the monastery walk, the local archeological walk and the village history walk. They all look very tempting and who knows I might comply one day when the wine runs low and the stars cease to shine, but that is just me and we live a long way away. In fact it took over two hours to get home on the national road, the famous motorway of Crete. Oh, and I drive too fast probably.

But the walks aren’t arduous and I do recommend them. Jane can be found in Vrahassi – which is just after Malia on the national road to Agios Nicholas. Look for the signs to Vrahassi. Get a brochure and go for a walk. Or just have a glass of the excellent red wine and you may find that Crete takes over, a meal in Janes Cafe – the Revolution Cafe – and you may feel the contentment you seek.

Crete is like that, all the time.

2 thoughts on “Blogger to blogger in Crete

  1. Have just read your post about our Jane in Vrahassi,where we were last week.You may like to look at a post about Minoan cooking on my blog. Have lived in Crete for 9 years. Love it.

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