That Really Was A Cold Snap

I was very pleased to get our olive harvest in and pressed when I did because this last cold snap just beggars belief. This morning the cat’s water that we leave outside was frozen solid. Two inches of ice in a place where we never hardly ever approach zero centigrade never mind get to minus four or five as we did last night. Yesterday it was snowing heavily and not only snow but largeish white pellets of ice were falling with some speed. Truly a horrible day and Sunday was no better.


The snow you see falling around our olive trees was just the beginning. Later it got worse. Cars were being buried and the ice crystals were all over the roads. Most people got their wood burning fires going and stayed indoors.


You can see here the result of the chaos with the buried cars and the icicles hanging from the building behind.


So they got to work with huge bulldozers, snowploughs and JCBs to clear the roads. Some however, like the one above that curves off to the left up the hill, were beyond them. It was hard and very cold work for the road clearers but I do admire the way that they stuck at what they were doing for very long hours indeed.


Here is one of the big JCBs clearing the road in front of us. Quite a job.  Thank God for raki – or tsikoudia as they call it round here. So to all those of you campaigning to prevent global warming, check out ‘this’ island in the sun.

One thought on “That Really Was A Cold Snap

  1. Hello Ray

    Very impressive pictures. I’m a meteorologist and I made forecasts for a german based creteforum; so after this few days I’m quite involved in this special weather situation. One question about picture 2: what happend to this cars? It doesn’t look like a normal snow cover on these cars, was it a avalanche or just the snow from the road clearing. Do you have snow heights of your living place or even from the surrounding mountains?

    I’m planning to make an analysis of the event, so I’m looking around to get some more informations. Thank you, and I’m sure that spring isn’t far away.


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