Celebration at Agia Triada 1961

This is another of Anthony Sooklaris’s movies published by his son John Sooklaris.

I think that John is a little confused about the whereabouts of this movie but I see it clearly as at the monastery Agia Triada, the monastery of the Holy Trinity in Akrotiri. I don’t know if the day was a special celebration or just a welcome for the Cretan Americans but it all happened in 1961.

Here is what John had to say about this movie: “Akrotiri Chordaki Sternes 1961

This video takes place in what appears to be Chordaki Akrotiri Crete Greece, and then moves on to Sternes at the home of Kosta Verganelakis. Early on the video, I believe I recognized Themistocle Tsouchlarakis as well as Antoni Panagirakis who is the dancing Chorofilaka.

Beyond these few faces, I don’t know anyone else in the video. I would love to hear your comments and hear from you if you recognize anyone, the villages, the reason for the get-together, and anything else that you would like to share.

Because I noticed a female lyratzida, I selected the music of Tasoula to serenade you while you watch this movie clip.”

The word lyratzida means violinist.

The link to the website of Agia Triada is here

I hope that you enjoy this unique movie.

2 thoughts on “Celebration at Agia Triada 1961

  1. Ray, I guess much of the celebrations look the same even today at least in the villages.
    When I am looking at the lyratzida and man playing the laouto, I am almost certain that it is Aspasia Papadaki and Pavlos Papadaki.
    I have a CD “Ο Χωρισμος” with them and there are two photos on the box and it cannot be someone else.

    They are still alive(at least last year) and they are performing now and then at a small taverna in Chania “Kali Kardia” in Kondilaki street.

    I guess Aspasia was one of the few women playing the violi at that time at least that is what I have been told by some old violi musicians in Chania.

    Greeting from Sweden
    Kriti sti kardia mou

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