Sun and Rain


There are times on the island of Crete when you can take a picture that includes both sun and rain. In the picture below we have rain on the mountain and sun at the sea front. Part of the remarkable light that we have on this island.

Sun and rain

Sun and rain

Here is another shot

Weather contrasts

Weather contrasts

32 thoughts on “Sun and Rain

  1. Beautiful – when I was growing up, we called the rain with sunshine a “monkey’s wedding” – don’t know why. But whenever we have “sun showers” now I tell my kids that the monkeys are getting married.

  2. Oh, that was very special – beautiful!
    I think you try to scare me with the very cold winter!
    But me and my husband have planned to avoid some of the winter by going 4 weeks to Cyprus from the 11th of November!
    Lucky me!!
    But except from that, I really want a snow winter with possibility for skiing here in our new home place – norht of Oslo!

  3. Lovely to see the pictures from Crete. Back at the mountains a looming, black sky and in front sunshine on th sea, a great combination, which lets us ponder the intentions of the weather gods.
    Thank you for stopping by my SW.

  4. Wow. The dark heavy clouds add a special touch to the mountains, and the light on the shore is beautiful. Thank you for sharing such great photographs. Happy SWF!

  5. I think this is the first time I have visited your blog – Skywatch has gotten so large that I can’t keep up – but I will return on a more regular basis. You have some very beautiful photos! These are no exception. I keep waiting for the thunder and lightning to start!

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