Days That Flow By


Sometimes here on the island of Crete, there are skies that have clouds. But most days, for more than six months of the year, the skies are blue. Just blue. Pale blue on the horizon to a lovely warm deep blue above. It is on days like these that it is good to just sip your frappe (iced coffee) and philosophise as the sea gently rolls by you.

A restful day on the south coast

A restful day on the south coast

29 thoughts on “Days That Flow By

  1. alas, ray, no more skywatch from me – the only time i see the sky these days is when i’m driving to work or the ferrying the children from one place to another!!!

  2. hi ray
    yes, you can buy pasta makers in hania, as most houewives use them to make filo pastry for kalitounia and other pies
    they are probably all sold with the pasta maker attachment that mine has, but ask to make sure.
    i’ve only known them being made in italy, but who knows, maybe they’re now made in china, too!

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