My Sky, Our Problems.


This is my sky, looking west from my house here on the island of Crete.

The winter sky above Crete.

The winter sky above Crete.

Beneath this beautiful sky recently have been riots, police guards and tear gas to quell the problems caused by the street shooting of the 15 year old boy Alexandros Grigoropoulos. The riots have been some of the worst in many years. What is at the root of it? It is so many things. A weak government, the credit crunch, unemployment and much more.

It has calmed a little now, but we wait to see what happens next. Soon it will be Xristogenna – Christmas and we prepare for that with open minds. But problems are problems, let us hope that we can cope with them.

Merry Christmas,



13 thoughts on “My Sky, Our Problems.

  1. Dramatic sky for dramatic period.
    I hope it is last riot. I live in state where this kind of violence keep happening. Belive me, it is organized. Always is. We live with bigger problems for long 18 years.

    But, there is hope everywhere, and love, and lovely sky to share.

  2. I really hope that all the problems will go away soon…
    Let the peace and love of Christmas enter your homes and country and the same all over the world…
    You have a very beautiful photo, congratulations!
    Happy Sky Watch Friday 🙂

  3. And the fact that the government is so divorced from the people it has no idea how the ordnary people not in high places with secure jobs live.
    I am so sorry, there seems to be so much strife in this season of peace and joy.
    A wonderful sky, at least God gives us that.

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