Wild and Secret Crete


The tourists are beginning to come now, though not as many as before. Sure there will be more problems as we have already had with the olive harvest. It was a bad year. Excellent Cretan extra virgin olive oil was priced here at Euros 1.70 per kilo, more than a litre.

But the beaches are superb and wild.


And here is another. Perhaps it helps you see why I love this island.


The ancient village of Argiropoli is nearby, the ancient city here was called Lappa, built by the Mycaneans and the Dorians and even the Romans this place lived on until today based on its wonderful springs and unique location.


Here in the foothills of the Lefka Ori (the White Mountains) these villages live on with a deep traditions based on the past but with an acute eye on the future.


17 thoughts on “Wild and Secret Crete

  1. Oh, I was one of those tourists years ago, but I love Crete, I love Greece — period! And your photos brought back lovely memories! Really gorgeous shots! The one thing that always stands out in my mind about Greece and all the islands, is the incredible blue of the water! Thanks for sharing these and I look forward to more! Happy Easter!

  2. Oh I have always wanted to visit there….maybe someday. Thank you for sharing your side of the world with us! I want to paint the last photo! LOL! Lu

  3. This reminds me of why I want to go to Crete so much – that and the delicious Greek food. 🙂 A lovely glimpse of nature and the sea too.

  4. we were talking about the price of olive oil today – too much production, too common a product?

    for one kilo of olive oil, farmers get less than the price of a coffee at the local kafeneio…

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