Amari Valley – some pictures

In another post on this site I wrote a long article about one of my favourite places on the island of Crete, the Amari Valley. I have had some requests for photographs of the valley so here we are.

These three photographs are taken from the village of Thronos high on the north side of the valley.

The first photograph shows Mount Ida in all it’s glory. This mountain is known in greek as Psiloritis, which means ‘highest’. It is certainly the highest mountain in Crete and this photo was taken in the spring this year capturing the snow on the peak. Mount Ida is the legendary birthplace of the king of the ancient gods, Zeus and it forms the eastern boundary of the Amari Valley.

Mount Ida from Thronos, Amari.

The second photograph shows Mount Samitos, the mountain that stands in the centre of the valley. Behind Mount Samitos are the Kedros mountains that are the Amari Valley’s boundary to the west.

Mount Samitos, Amari.

The third photograph below is looking directly south of Thronos towards the southern end of the Amari. In the foreground is a small village on the floor of the valley. Here is an orthodox christian monastery that has for many years been the local agricultural school for young people learning to build farms in the area and beyond. It has a really splendid church and most of the other buildings are being brought up to date at the moment.

The Amari Valley

The Amari Valley is truly a most beautiful place. Here exist so many flowers in the spring that it is breathtaking to see. All over the valley are ordered fields with livestock and many forms of agricultural endeavour. From Olives to Apple and Cherry trees as well as the abundance of natural herbs. If you have never been, I hope that you can go there soon.

4 thoughts on “Amari Valley – some pictures

  1. Believe me, I hope that I can go there soon.
    Thank you for the appetizer.

    There is an agricultural school for young people right down in our valley too, in Ein Kerem. These are good things.

  2. Hello Ray– my oh my!!! Your blog indicates to me that you have taken a considerable amount of time to post such pictures and stories. Superb job!!! Way beyond my imaginations!!! Beautiful work. Lucy

  3. Enjoyed reading through your articles. My family, wife and three daughters, 19, 16, and 15, will be traveling to Greece in June 2010. We plan to spend about eight days in Crete. We met an olive farmer selling olive oil in the states and he suggested the Amari Valley. We want to hike in the Samaria Gorge and visit some beaches on the south side of the island. Do you have any suggestions for places to stay in around Hania or Rhethymno?

    Thank you for the great articles and beautiful photos. It has peaked our interest even more!

  4. Good to find neat photos of Amari Valley as I search for the B&B where we had a fine feast with music & dancing in June of ’08 [yes, we’re still enjoying the memories !] All I can remember is that it was just south of Thronos on the loop that heads back to Rethymnon. What a wonderful time we had ! Glad you like this part of Crete too !

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