When to Sow Seeds in Crete

I am often asked: when do you sow the seeds for this or that which is in our garden? Obviously the sowing times frequently differ from the UK as do the harvesting times. Anyway I have acquired a sowing chart for growing food in Crete.

Here it is:

Sowing Seeds in Crete

Sowing Seeds in Crete

You can make this chart larger by going to


where I have uploaded it at a decent size. Alternatively you can right-click on the above chart and download it to your computer, but it is much better to click on the link above to see the chart properly.

It contains just about all the vegetables etc that can be grown here on Crete, so I hope that you can grow your own organic food and be better off for it. Good appetite.

4 thoughts on “When to Sow Seeds in Crete

  1. Hi Ray

    fantastic! useful stuff you have. We are totally new to grow your own, so can I ask what month does winter start with in the above chart?

  2. Hi
    Just wanted to say a huge thanks for making this chart available.
    I’m moving to Crete and whilst I really love that so much fresh produce is available in shops and at markets I also love growing some of my own and gathering wild food – this chart will really help whilst I get to grips with the soil and seasons

    Thanks again, Anne

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