Oh Margaritas . . .

Skywatch Friday

Margaritas, a small village in Crete south of Rethimno and Iraklio with blue skies and a gentle breeze.

Small church in Margaritas

Small church in Margaritas

This was a few days ago but now, the first week in August, we have clouds, white puffy cumulus and some darker cirrus. I have never seen such clouds here in August. But back to Margaritas . . .

Pottery baked for tourists

Pottery baked for tourists

Of course there are many potters in Margaritas, but here we see other pottery shapes made apart from the many regular pots produced here. The potteries are part of the attraction to this small village on a hill, and many people come here to stock up shops all over the island with pots.

Sleeping kittens curled with each other

Sleeping kittens curled with each other

So the day goes by and come two pm, everyone enjoys siesta.

13 thoughts on “Oh Margaritas . . .

  1. Lovely pictures – they remind me of Southern Italy & Capri; they had stunning blue skies as well.

    Plus I’m a sucker for cats!

  2. Very nice post, gives me yet another place to visit once I’ve worked myself out of the strange but pleasant lethargy that has settled upon me during August and kept me close to hom.

  3. Great to see that other people share my view that this is a great place to visit. The pics take me back to my many visits to the village. Happy days.

  4. What a beautiful Village, was there visiting the Pottery Shops what talent and history? Some day I hope to return.

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