Trip to Ag. Georgios, Selinari, Ag. Nicholaos & Lassiti in 1961.

What I have to show you here is a rare film posted by John Sooklaris on Youtube. Now John has posted several films on the web that you can see here on this site. This film, from 1961 is special. It shows a trip calling in at St George, Selinari; a celebration at Agios Nicholaos – including a diver – and loads of people. Then the bus trip goes on to the Lassiti Plateau and actually shows all the spinning windmills that were so famous there and that I mentioned here on this site a while ago.

So here is the video, I hope that you enjoy it.

Then extraordinarily, someone posted a tribute to John Sooklaris by videoing St Georges in the year 2009. Here it is:


One thought on “Trip to Ag. Georgios, Selinari, Ag. Nicholaos & Lassiti in 1961.

  1. my husband who only died in July this year took me to crete a few years ago and we went to the war cemetary at Suada Bay – i had never been to one before. i was deeply moved by the peace that seemed to prevail there Some graves had roses growing by them and the grass so green it could almost have been in England. My own brother in law was briefly dropped in there (parachute reg) during the war (i was not then born) i put his name in the visitors book.I have to say it was beautiful. Someone else said the same think about a huge war cemerary in France for soldiers that died at the Omaha landings. The peace seems almost tangible- is it God watching over them or what? we donlt know but something seems to be there. My dalring husband took me there and i will never forget its sad beauty also Crete is beautiful too. A jewel in the sea.

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