Great Balls of Fire – Skywatch

This week it has been really hot – with high humidity. The kind of days you just want to sit inside with the aircon on and catch up with your reading. So tonight’s sunset looks just as it should. A great ball of fire.

Great Balls of Fire

This picture was taken just minutes before the sun set. To me this just sums up the weird weather we are having. The cooling north western Meltemi wind seems to have disappeared and the wind just pours down from above the black sea giving us a share of Russia’s heatwave. Apart from this last week or so, the summer has been cool and according to long range forecasters we are heading for another cold winter. So there you have it, but the good news is that temperatures will be falling towards and beyond Sunday and the Meltemi will be back in force.

8 thoughts on “Great Balls of Fire – Skywatch

  1. Hi Ray. Thanks for your comment. I was just about to write exactly the same to you.

    What’s going on around here? ! Our Mediterranean beaches have WATER that is 31 degrees.
    We have had 20 straight days of abnormal heat and humidity. Tomorrow will be the worst with over 40 in my village and down in Eilat, 47 !
    Our nights used to be cool at least, but no more. Tonight is a low of 29. Oi…
    They say it is an average of ten degrees above the normal.

    We have been warned not to use electrical appliances between noon and 5 pm. Well, except for air conditioners. I wish I had one right now.

    Good luck. Hope your good wind returns soon.

  2. Terrific capture, Ray! And it does look HOT! Wish I could send you some of our cool weather. Greece/Crete are two of my favorite places to visit, have lovely memories! Hope you have a great weekend — stay cool!


  3. It looks like nature provided the entire world with a heat wave this year. We have had over 100 degrees for 20 days in Texas. No relief in sight. Regardless, your sky scene is very pretty.

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