An apology for the Greek News being down. Now it is fixed.

You may have noticed that our Greek News feed was down for a couple of days. There seems to be a problem with the ERT newsfeed, not here but with ERT itself. Anyway, I apologise to those of you who come here to see what is happening in Greece. But worry not, it is now fixed.

I have switched the feed to Kathimerini – the popular daily greek newspaper which we all love. You will now see at least twenty headlines on every page which will be updated at all times the feed updates, several times a day, as I understand it.

And of course, it will be all in English so that you can always see all that is happening in Greece.

Just a small thing for regular readers to know . . .

I have recently applied to join the top 100 Cretan sites list and been accepted. The way that it works is that you, the reader, have to vote for us to get anywhere near the top. So if you like this site and want to vote for us, just click here and then click the ‘Vote’ link on the page that comes up.

I have also added the link some way down the right hand side of the pages where it says: ‘Vote For Us’.

As I have said, it’s not a big thing, but a few votes might help.

And thanks for coming to read the blog, I do really hope that you enjoy it.