The Amari Valley – the movie

At last I have found a pretty recent, hour long video professionally produced of just the beautiful Amari Valley that I have often mentioned. It is still one of the best places in Crete to see although the main roads seem to avoid it. It is the biggest area to the south of Rethymnon and has lots of beauty and history.



Extraordinary videos of the Crete coast.

This website is amazing, it has lovely videos taken from a helicopter going around the coast of Crete including all of the Kalives etc area and a hell of a lot more…..

goto website:

then on the homepage enter destination: Crete and press go. The screen will then show a map including Crete with all videos marked in red. Click your mouse onto the coast say around kalives then click the little screen/box thingy to play video.

Enjoy then go whereever you will, Have fun, its absolutely free.


(let me know how you get on….)

The Breakthrough of Michael Ventris

I have written much about the Minoans and Arthur Evans firm belief were that the tablets he discovered that came to be known as Linear B where in his opinion definitely not Greek or even Ancient Greek. This in fact was wrong and Michael Ventris proved that they were, in fact, Greek. Because of this discovery we are much more able to progress beyond Evans. In fact I am pleased to announce that the BBC wrote an article upom Ventris and then went on to create a film of his whole story.

Here is the film of the story. It is a you-tube film in seven or so parts.  Here is the first part, see the rest on you-tube.

It is brilliant.


The Beginning of the End

If you have been to Crete lately you will have seen the awful mess that is being made with windturbines and photovoltaics. It is a tragedy and I hope you enjoy this video, it has english subtitles.

I know I have been away for some time, I’m afraid I have been ill.