A Quality of Light

Skywatch Friday

Living on the island of Crete, you learn many things. One of them is the pleasure to sit outside near the end of the day and watch the sun go down. There is all the enjoyment of the magic of the evening, a sip from your frappe or glass of wine, and the certain knowledge that you live in a place made even more beautiful by the quality of light that surrounds you.

A Sunset on the Island of Crete

A Sunset on the Island of Crete

Shine on Plakias

Plakias is a nice fairly small beach resort in the south of Crete. All summer long there people sunbathing and a plethora of beach umbrellas. In the early spring, in March, I took this extraordinary picture of the sun shining on Plakias whilst the sky above was black and about to break out into a storm.

It seems to me that only in Crete do you get the fine light to take photographs like these.