The Heart of Crete.

The Island of Crete is very special to me.  I have met a few English ex-patriots who live there, perhaps for the sun, the sea and the sex, or more likely – the wine and ouzo or raki. But most of them have not travelled the island or even got to know their Greek neighbors. This is a very basic mistake. This island is special, it’s people are special. Get to know them. Here is a film that may help. . . .



These people matter to you, see how they love their land and what is in their land. You will be wiser for it.


The attack on Crete from German military Film.

There was much to the battle of Crete that is not expressed in this film but it is interesting to say the least. It is about the German attack on Crete and it is worth watching to see this.    The ‘interesting’ mistakes of the New Zealand General  ( Freiburg)  and the real stories of the great defence provided by the New Zealand contingent at hill 104.    This is a shattering story and it is hard to say what would have happened if a great man had been in charge.   But then, times change perhaps, or do they?   Would Brexit have been different with another person in charge, who knows. . .