This section covers all the articles about Crete that I have written for other publications.

I hope that you enjoy them.


One thought on “Articles

  1. Dear Ray:
    I am enchanted by your journey descriptions. Like you I have walked alone in several areas of Crete though not nearly as long as you have. Your intrepidness impresses me. I love your humility and astonishment over the simplest of encounters. Such meetings that I have been fortunate to have bring unforgettable understaed elation to my spirit.
    I just wrote an article on Azogires on Explore Crete ( though much of the descptions were put aside in th final cut) I have also been lukcy enough to have written several articles on Crete for publications here in Montreal.
    I wonder if you could possibly identify a stone church that I believe is near Meronas or Thronos overlooking the Amari Valley. I wish I knew where it was. I returned to the area this June in searhc of it, but coudl not find it. It stands alone and seems to speak to the wind overhead. if I get your email perhpas you coudl give it a look
    I admire you veyr much, and woudl indeed like to make my life in Crete in simple style in the mountains.

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