Great Balls of Fire – Skywatch

This week it has been really hot – with high humidity. The kind of days you just want to sit inside with the aircon on and catch up with your reading. So tonight’s sunset looks just as it should. A great ball of fire.

Great Balls of Fire

This picture was taken just minutes before the sun set. To me this just sums up the weird weather we are having. The cooling north western Meltemi wind seems to have disappeared and the wind just pours down from above the black sea giving us a share of Russia’s heatwave. Apart from this last week or so, the summer has been cool and according to long range forecasters we are heading for another cold winter. So there you have it, but the good news is that temperatures will be falling towards and beyond Sunday and the Meltemi will be back in force.

The Greek Weather Forecast

Currently we have late November weather. Some sunny days, some cloudy. Somedays even rain. We start to think again of spring and the coming summer.

But here in Greece, the weather forecast always cheers us up. Even if the weather is awful. That is because of Petroula, Star TV’s weather forecaster.

Hope you enjoyed it.

Shine on Plakias

Plakias is a nice fairly small beach resort in the south of Crete. All summer long there people sunbathing and a plethora of beach umbrellas. In the early spring, in March, I took this extraordinary picture of the sun shining on Plakias whilst the sky above was black and about to break out into a storm.

It seems to me that only in Crete do you get the fine light to take photographs like these.